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Headteacher Update 4th October 2021

1. Attendance last week 

After our first Covid outbreak and a variety of bugs there has been significantly reduced attendance (not anything we can really do about it). Please remember if your child is sick or has any other bodily discharges that it is 48 hours before they can return to school (even if you think they are ok). 


National attendance last week was 88 % and Herefordshire was 82 %.

Class R = 93.7%

Class 1 = 95.8%

Class 2 = 95.2%

Class 3 = 90.2%

Class 4 = 90%

Class 5 = 97.1 %

Class 6 = 47.3 % 


2. Covid (one day we won't have to mention it !)

 - The vast majority of children in Year 6 who tested positive on a lateral flow have also tested positive on a PCR test. The new infections have stopped and stopped in the middle of last week. We are expecting all children who have taken some time at home to be back by Wednesday unless there are any new cases (I will inform Year 6 parents/carers of this). We acted swiftly and, with the help and common sense of parents, we appear to have stopped the spread within school. 


I am sure it won't be the last of it. 


Toilets - as part of our continued care and awareness we started the year with toilets for each year group (only Reception and Year 1 share toilets) but as we move towards winter we would like to offer some nicer toilets. Nothing is funded by government anymore and everything we pay for is from our budget (except a new roof which we have fought hard for). A parent has offered to contribute towards some 'posh' toilets for the winter but we need a few more generous and kind parents/companies who might help........... please contact the office if you can offer support for Years 3,4,5 and 6 then we can get some prices (a local company gives us a very good price) and get some heated toilets for the winter (the company trusts us to look after them). 


Have a good week


Mr Batstone