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Home learning for all tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January 2021)

Dear all,

By 10am tomorrow morning your child will have work posted on SeeSaw to 'ease' them into the new 'flow' of learning (this includes key worker children for tomorrow as well). It will also get everyone used to using SeeSaw, please e-mail admin if you have any issues (lots and lots of login requests today !) and we will try to resolve them for you. 

We understand that some families may have to share devices or only have the use of phones and not laptops etc. Please don't panic or think there is a deadline, this week is about establishing routines, getting used to things and making sure everything works. Good luck.....


Use of SeeSaw:

- You can post any work back onto SeeSaw and it will be seen by the teacher and they may comment (comments will be short and not a full marking approach). Unlike last time we will be more prescriptive with the work that is expected and how your children work. 


- We are aiming to provide up to 4 hours work a day from Monday with additional 'project' and other ideas if you want to use them. We do expect all children to complete the work on SeeSaw provided by the teachers. We know from the last lockdown that working at home can be very intense and 4 hours is more than enough. We would also encourage you to plan in some exercise times and time outdoors (walks etc) for at least an hour, this is for both well being and mental health. 


- SeeSaw is for communication between the teacher and child, it is not a comment forum or social media platform for parent/teacher communication. It is not Tapestry and please remember that most classes have 30 children so constant 1:1 communication/feedback would be an impossibility. 


- SeeSaw gives the opportunity for teacher/child communication and for us to see the work they are doing much quicker and to be able to comment. The comments may be immediate or they may be delayed depending on what the teacher is doing (they are planning, setting work, reviewing work and responding throughout the day until 2:30pm,  they don't stop work then but are preparing new work etc after that time). 


Teachers will use the school website and the 'working from home' section of  your child's class page as well as SeeSaw to post work. Classes will also use the Madley TV section of the website to post stories, videos etc to assist you and your child with their learning. 


More information to follow tomorrow ......


Mr Batstone