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Tuesday January 19th update

Welcome to Tuesday everyone. Days are getting longer and Spring is just around the corner (a few bulbs are emerging already) ..........

1. Parents supporting each other

- linking children together - the PTA are facilitating a Whats App group for each class so you can all meet together, most classes have a group but it is about making sure everyone who wants to can be involved if they aren't already. You can manage that yourselves and school does not need to be involved. 

- home learning support - everyone is going through the same ! You can only do your best, not compare with anyone else and make the best of it ! Your children need a routine, to spend time outdoors and to be active each day. There are real challenges for everyone but if you are struggling for food etc please get in touch. 

2. ICT update and devices

We are hoping to be able to offer 50 Chromebooks to the people most in need within the next few weeks (it might, hopefully, be quicker than that). After a very, very generous donation from a parent and also a local charity we are, hopefully, going to be able to assist people a little more. The Chromebooks will belong to school so their will be some strict criteria for their use (school work only) and they will be returned to school afterwards. More news to follow when we have sourced the correct hardware. 

3. Outdoor learning ideas

Attached are some ideas for you to do on a walk or at home. Getting outdoors each day is really important. 

4. Reading 

Reading in lockdown is ideal as it allows some peaceful time or shared time and allows the imagination to 'take you to another place.' 

40 reads still counts during lockdown at home and in school so please keep recording.

Rules for 40 reads  (we trust your honesty)

- Your child must read for at least 10 minutes with an adult (regardless of age as language development, intonation etc) are important for all ages.

- It must be a book and a mix of fiction and non-fiction to improve knowledge and imagination. 

5. Resilience 

Second lockdown is even more intense than the first as everyone knows what to expect so resilience is tested everyday. Attached is a resilience challenge from last July that can be used again (by everyone) ! Every emotion going is being felt by everyone and no two days are the same. One of the powerful words we talk about in school is 'yet..........' as it is very powerful.

As a family you might make a list of all the things you are going to enjoy together when this is over.........

6. Learn a new skill - set your child the challenge of learning something new each week or over a longer period (helps to focus, builds resilience and gives a different focus). It doesn't have to be school or work related and could be something totally different. ...........

Have a good day. 


Mr Batstone