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Update Friday 14th May

Good morning,

A rather wet week but everyone has been very sensible and adapted well. Thank you for the common sense and co-operation with parking etc. Another busy week with lots of diverse experiences and learning for all of the children. Lots of children have been using our new digital cameras (excellent value cameras but a cheap case) and I have attached some examples of their work. 


1. The importance of reading at home (at least 10 minutes a day but preferably 20 minutes)


Older children (Year 5 and above) - everyone needs to read, regardless of their age, and children still need assistance with certain words (pronunciation or meaning). 


Younger children - need to be reading daily to an adult at home (school will not be every day as it is logistically not possible and they have reading in many other aspects of school).


Fiction or non-fiction ? 

Children need to be encouraged to read a range of books but non-fiction is just as important. Fact books, newspapers, magazines are all part of a 'balanced reading diet.' 


Can reading records come back into school ? 

The risk of transmission on a reading record and books is minimal and, if people have good sanitising habits, then books and reading records can be coming backwards and forwards to school (as they won't be touched by others except tested staff and you/your child). It does not mean children need big rucksacks or bags again (as the last year has shown us we won't need to return to that). 


'40 reads' - we still have the '40 reads' where children are rewarded with a book for 40, 80, 120 etc reads. We trust parents/carers to complete the record of reading honestly.


2. Behaviour and expectations - we have very high expectations of the children and appreciate your support with those expectations. Incidents are very rare and are dealt with swiftly. Our expectations are that children (and everyone else) follow our school code of positive values that are everywhere around the school and near the entrance. 


3. What will or won't change for us as a school as we move forward ? 


- Entry and exit procedures will stay the same for the rest of the year and from September using the same gates/ timings may adjust slightly but with a smaller timed gap (this has a positive impact on the 'flow and go). 


- PE kit - Children in most year groups  will wear PE kit to school on PE days (younger children - it is a skill to get dressed and part of the early years assessments so we may or may not have something different for Year R and 1 but we will let you know). 


- Forest school - I really enjoy teaching every year group but it is not sustainable (as I have 3 mornings to run a school and the 'day job' is being done in the evenings or at weekends, even more than normal) but I don't want to give it up so we may have alternate weeks of off-site/on-site forest school and utilise the many people who are trained forest school leaders. Our on-site forest school would be the envy of many schools but our children don't really see it as forest school as they are extremely lucky to have a real 'forest !' 


4. Uniform 

- Trainers should only be worn on PE days (unless you have mis-laid shoes). Plain black trainers are not school shoes. 

- Jewellery - plain studs only.

- No nail varnish or make up. 


Have a good weekend and lets hope for better weather next week.



Mr Batstone 

14th May 2021


14th May 2021


14th May 2021