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Update - Friday January 15th

Welcome to Friday,

The end of  a very busy week for everyone. I am sure you have endured every emotion, feeling and thought as you have journeyed through the week but you are not alone. Hopefully you will be able to have a peaceful, restful and enjoyable weekend.

May we take the opportunity, as a school community, to thank all of those on the front line who are experiencing the impacts of Covid in work, we especially thank those in the hospitals and community who are seeing the effects of this first hand. Thank you ! 

And a 'huge' thank you to all of the school staff who have adapted to new ways of working and are going above and beyond expectations and their roles. New 'adventures' appear every day but they are dealt with calmly, sensibly and with great teamwork. 

1. Blue Peter !

School has received the following communication from Blue Peter which may be of interest: 

We have launched Blue Peter on YouTube at CBBC and we were wondering if your pupils and parents would be interested in this, for entertainment outside of home-schooling hours now we’re in lockdown.

 Blue Peter is the longest running kids TV show in the world and we are uploading videos to it that are suitable for 5-11 year olds. We have world record breaking challenges, arts and crafts, environmental videos, cooking and baking how tos, inspirational films, gaming, celebrity appearances, dance routines and music performances. We also feature ways of getting a Blue Peter badge, behind the scenes footage and extra content about our incredible presenters Adam, Lindsey, Mwaksy, Richie and Henry the Blue Peter dog.

 If you think your pupils would be interested in this, please do send this out to your parents and ask them to subscribe to - (it’s obviously completely free to subscribe!) and don’t forget to watch the live programme on CBBC at 5.00pm every week, or on BBC iPlayer.

Next week

- hopefully you have established some kind of routine (might be work all morning then exercise or other 'projects' in the afternoon or you might have established something that works for your family). As long as the work gets done and you follow what is being set then, when we eventually return to school, we should have people at a good starting point. 

Some people put on their uniform. Some go out of the house and come back in to set the mind to work. Some start with exercise then work. There is no set pattern and you have to make it work for you ............

- please don't do your child's work for them or try to project 'perfection' as it is isn't real. Teachers know really well what your child can do and their capabilities and what they can be 'pushed' to do (that's why teachers comment on their work). You are not us (in the nicest possible way) and home school may be very different to school as perceptions, actions and responses are different. 

Need help

Food - If you need any help with food etc then please get in touch with and we will see what we can do or organisations who may be able to help.

ICT - we have some solutions that are in the pipeline. It can't solve every issue but could help a number of families. We have some very generous and helpful people in our community. 

SeeSaw information 

Teachers have been sending daily announcements on Seesaw. When this happens, it will appear in the inbox. There is some information about the day or there may be some attachments your child needs for their learning. You cannot respond to these messages. 

Have a good, safe weekend.


Mr Batstone