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Update - Friday March 19th

Happy Friday ! 

This time last year we were preparing for the Forest Of Dean Gymnastics competition involving a third of our children ! How the last year has 'flown' and 'dragged' in equal measure ! 

Please remember 'lockdown' is not over and the next stage for outside mixing of two households or the 'rule of 6' is March 29th. School staff are very conscious of keeping your families safe so please return the favour ! 

Thank you to everyone for the smooth entry and exit to and from school. 

1. Attendance for week 8/3/21 - 12/3/21   - 

Overall = 99.2 % (amazing effort everyone)

Three classes had 100% and three classes were 99 + %. 

2. Learning across the school

It has been a busy few weeks with lots of opportunities for the children in music, art, drama, forest school as well as the academic. Children have socialised again with their classmates and re-established connections. Attached are a few sample photographs capturing different learning at school. We also use some of the opportunities to create smaller groups for teachers to work with the children to see where we are with their learning. 

3. Madley After School Club (MASC) 

This is our paid for after school club which runs from 3:30pm - 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. Mrs Richards will ring families over the next few weeks as we plan to have MASC running again after the Easter holidays in the same, safe, way we did before. 

As some people's work patterns, furlough and everything else may be a little 'out of routine' at the moment Mrs Richards will discuss individual requirements when she phones.

If there are any parents who need MASC, and were not previously on our list, then please phone the school office or e-mail  

4. Adult language for children

'Bullying' is a very very powerful word and something we talk to the children about a lot. Bullying can be a 'one off' serious incident but is often over time and directed towards the same person (physical, emotional or online). A few of our children use the word for 'everything and anything' when it is 'normal' falling out or relationships. Please could we ask parents/carers to use the right language in the correct context.

Bullying can happen anywhere and we are acutely aware as a school and all staff are very astute. We always have the mantra 'it could happen here' and never dismiss anything but children need to be taught the correct context and parents/carers have a very powerful voice in this. 

Your children go to school in a different era and context. They go to a school where 'bullying' is not tolerated but we do expect children to fall out, have cross words and to experiment with their friendships (so they become adults with good social skills). As a values based school we teach the children awareness, respect, positivity and responsibility for their actions and language. 

We will always deal with any concerns in a sensitive manner. 

5. Any old egg cups

 The Hereford Community Recycling Group have asked us to get involved with a project to collect old egg cups with a small Creme Egg or similar, these will then be gift wrapped for the NHS.

If you have any please send them in and they will make their way to the quarantine box in Year 4 ! 

6. Red Nose Day (TODAY !)

Where something red, or all red, paint your face red (but not your nose), wear a red hat, red socks, red shoes, silly red make up........ it has to be something silly and not just a 'non uniform' day. Go for it and come to school with a smile on your face and at least a £1 in your pocket for a good cause. Money will be collected in each class, kept separately over the weekend then counted and sent off. 

Don't panic this is just for fun and to support a good cause. 


Mr Batstone