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Update - Friday March 5th

Dear Mrs Giles, Madley Primary School has sent you a message

Update - Friday March 5th

Dear Parents/Carers,

The final day of 'lockdown learning' and home schooling, enjoy ! Teachers are in school training and getting everything ready so please do not post anything on Seesaw as it is unlikely to be responded to. We are keeping Seesaw for home learning if 'bubbles' have to isolate. 

This has been a challenging term for everyone and teachers will be glad to leave their screens and return to the classroom. They are very tired already as this has been really challenging and all consuming.

Thank you to the many parents/carers who passed on their 'thanks and appreciation' to school staff, it is much appreciated.

Thank you to all those parents/carers who kept home school going with many other things/work going on (lets hope this is never repeated again). 

PE days/forest school - you have received separate e-mails for year groups and they all start from Monday 8th March

Entry/exit to school - please make sure you are completely aware of where you are meant to be, timings and masks around school. Lots of information has been shared. 

Lift sharing/collecting other people's children - the country is still in lockdown and you should not be sharing lifts or mixing together for collection or dropping off (unless you are in one family 'child care' bubble). 

Home testing - it is voluntary but if only 50% of the school do it then it is useless and won't help ! Staff are all testing twice a week to keep ourselves and you safe. 

Chromebooks - please do not return them until requested. They need to be reset before a return. 

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Please be safe and please make sure you are doing the 'right thing' on Monday. Please go back through all of the times and entrances/exits and know exactly what to do.


Mr Batstone