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Update - March 9th

Dear Parents/Carers,

Updates won't be daily now but revert to three times a week.

It was lovely to see all the children today and a bit bizarre to hear so many voices again across all of the rooms. A lovely return and everyone settled quickly and calmly. 

The children will be very tired with new routines, expectations and eating at different times but they will get get used to it again. 

Entry and exit to school - entry to school was really smooth and thank you everyone for being sensible. Could we please ask that you clear the area quickly and don't congregate in groups at any point either at the Parish Hall or outside of school. The rules have not changed yet except for meeting one person outside for a walk or drink. 

The end of the day was fairly smooth but parents do not need to arrive too early or queue. Reception exit is 3:15pm and there is a big enough gap before Year 1 exit at 3:25pm (Year 1 parents do not need to be at the exit until just before 3:25pm and all Reception parents will have gone). There is no need to arrive too early. 

 You do not need to be queueing or congregating at any gate as there is enough time to park and pick up on time, your children won't escape !

Thank you to those parents with multiple children at different gates, your patience and care is appreciated (older children can walk to a given place to meet parents). 

Confirmation of exit times - 

Year R - 3:15pm

Year 1 - 3:25 pm

Year 2 - 3:20 pm

Year 3 - 3:30 pm 

Year 4 - 3:30 pm

Year 5 - 3:20 pm

Year 6  - 3:30 pm 

As a school we do more time in the school day than we are required to and the exit times are not about age but gaps between year groups who use the same exit due to their location. This arrangement will remain in place until Easter when it will be reviewed.

Wellies - all children need wellies in school please. 

Please continue to be safe, aware and not to congregate around school. Thank you all for your co-operation and understanding. 

Kind regards

Mr Batstone