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Update - Monday 8th February

Welcome back ! 

The week before half term so you 'may' or may not 'hit a wall' this week. Everything is normal so don't worry if you do.

We expect lots of announcements, pressure and no 'real' news this week and over half term as other UK nations have different plans for schools and different groups want answers to an impossible question.

We are planning for after half term to help get the children back 'up and running' with their home learning and we are also planning ahead to whatever a return might look like. 

1. Numbers in school this week

Monday = 22

Tuesday = 29

Wednesday = 30

Thursday = 29

Friday = 22

2. Virtual safety 

Please check what your child is doing on-line, via social media and by text. Do not assume that everything is what you think it is until you have checked and children are very astute at using technology. A safety check is a good check. 

3. The Alphabet Of The Human Heart book

Attached are some pictures from a book about values. Your children could have a go at some of their own. 

4. Learning reminders for all

 - Check the announcements on Seesaw everyday.

- Please could parents check their children have completed the work when the child clicks 'done.' 

- Please always watch the White Rose Maths videos (it follows the same pattern as a 'live' teacher would in the classroom). 

- Improvements from Seesaw use have seen less of a social media style and more of a work platform from some children.

- Every class is different in terms of work patterns, quality of work and posting work but, overall, we are pleased with what is happening and how everyone is managing it. Well done parents/carers and children (and teachers/people in school as well). 


Paper is available at the front of school if you need it and can get here safely. 

Have a good day.


Mr Batstone