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Update -Monday 8th March

Here we go........

We are all a bit nervous and anxious, it is a normal human reaction so please do the right thing. School staff test twice a week and we would hope that families are doing this as well to keep us all safe (even though the testing is not a very pleasant experience !).

We are still in lockdown and no other 'rules' have changed yet. A return to school is mandatory and is a government (not school policy) as is 'everyone at the same time.' Please do not hang around school for a chat or a catch up.

Mixing of households is not until March 29th and then it is outdoors. 

Please be :





- lots of information has been sent already about times, entry/exit and everything else so please make sure you have read it all.

We now revert back to before Christmas (same entrance and exits) but with staggered end times until Easter. You must collect your child from their designated exit at the correct time. Masks must be worn by adults around school unless you have a medical condition. 

Year R and Year 1 = small gate entrance and exit via doors as before.

Year 2 and 3 = Parish Hall gate and 'flow' around the Parish Hall  building to leave. 

Year 4 = front of school.

Year 5 and 6 = via the double gates (as before) and parents/carers must come in to collect and wait on the white markers. 

There is no breakfast club or MASC until after Easter. 

As with all new routines it may take a few days to 'bed in' again but we know it works and staggering should reduce the number of people in one go and make parking a little easier. 

See you later


Mr Batstone