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Update - Monday February 22nd

Welcome back ! I hope you had a restful half term, it was nice to get away from a screen for a while ! 

Today was meant to be the announcement of the 'road map' but we found out that it is the week of the 22nd not on the 22nd ! Maybe it will be later, maybe it won't ....... we will all find out at the same time ! Once we know any dates etc we will give more information about what it means for us and how things will work. Need to dig out my white line marker spray and tape again ! 

We are all keen to get back to school and normality. 

1. 'Back up and running' 

It is really important to re-establish good routines and working habits. Getting dressed, setting the right space and sticking to a timetable is really important. It is now about making sure your child is in a good place for a return to school with good habits and work ethic. 

Seesaw reminders for all

  • Check the announcements each day.
  • Please post work between 9:30am and 2:30 pm.
  • Please make sure you watch the White Rose Maths videos before any tasks.
  • Follow the work set by the teacher so we know where everyone is on our return to school. 
  • Please check your child is not just putting 'done' for every task if it isn't done or isn't done properly.
  • Allow your child to make mistakes and learn from them ! 

Back to work ! 

Before half term the teachers were already planning ways to get back into learning this week and have thought carefully about practical ideas and ideas that need few resources. It might be hard but you need to get your child back into the 'flow' of learning and establish a routine again. 

'Climb Every Mountain' is our whole school theme for the week. Each class will have a mountain to climb and will need to count their steps over the week (it may take some classes longer than a week). All of the learning this week will be linked to mountains and there will be lots of opportunities for families to work together on certain tasks for research, design and Science. Each class might be set slightly different work to relate to their age.

'Sharing the rope' is a mountaineering term when you work together and trust each other completely. This is a challenge of teamwork for the children (and you if you have the time). 

Photo competition - please send in any photos (real or 'set up') of you climbing' mountains in your house, garden or on a walk near to your home. If you really want to push yourselves then you could set up base camps and camp in or out ! The possibilities are endless..........

Photos to 


2. Numbers in school this week 

Monday = 23

Tuesday = 32

Wednesday = 28

Thursday = 31

Friday = 27 

3. Fancy dress Friday

Children in school will dress up on Friday (if they wish) in a costume of their choice (simple and easy is the order of the day) and we invite people at home to do the same (then share some pictures with us). Just a bit of fun ........

4. Simple ideas and starting points

Attached is a stone people picture. Really easy to do and photograph on a phone. Then use the picture or your stone character to develop some writing, it may even lead to a story or an illustrated 'mini-book.' 

Have a good start to the week and 'good luck' to everyone. 

Kind regards

Mr Batstone