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Update - Thursday 14th January

Dear all,

I hope you are all well and coping with the first full week of home learning. The engagement from the children and yourselves has been good and there are very few concerns (teachers will make phone calls home if there are). Thank you to the parents who have e-mailed to explain certain situations, we fully understand that every family has different circumstances, pressures and things happening. 

Have no doubt that we would rather have the children back in school and a bit more normality, home learning is equally hard for school as well as balancing with the children in school. The staff have been amazing and have all 'slotted' into new ways of working, acting and communicating in a professional, sensible and values based manner whilst supporting each other and dealing with different issues and guidance every day. Thank you for your efforts and 'making the best' of it. 

1. Mobile data solutions

If you are struggling with internet access or don't have any then there are solutions available - Amazon, Currys  etc offer 'hubs' that give a set amount of data (16GB, 20 GB etc) and can work for up to 20 devices, depending on the signal and the type of hub (I have attached a photo). This a potential solution for people who do not have internet access/Wi-fi. 

Devices - as a school we have been offered 5 devices by the government scheme but we have not even been allowed to order them yet !  We are also working on other solutions for families in need (that could be everyone !) and will update you when we have more news !! 

We have been working with various charities to access potential funding for families, both for devices and also any internet needs (the charities have been very helpful and we will hopefully have some good news soon).

Devices that will work (you don't have to spend a fortune), we fully understand that not every family is in a position to purchase new laptops, Chromebooks or devices for all of their children and it is highly unlikely every child in every family at Madley will have a device. The following work well (my own children have some of these, they need a bit of reworking of systems and apps, nothing too technical, but then work well to access web based work and do not need large storage memory as the majority of work for primary and secondary children is uploaded to external systems). I have done a bit of internet 'search' sample shopping to give a flavour' of what works and the cost (fully understand it is still a great deal) - 

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 11.6in Celeron 4GB 32GB Chromebook - £179.99 Argos 

ASUS C223 11.6in Celeron 4GB 32GB Chromebook - £199.99 Argos

HP 11a 11.6" Chromebook - 32 GB eMMC, White - Currys £199 


Using X box/Playstation - I have attached a flier with instructions. You can access SeeSaw through these devices. 

Printers - we are trying to make sure that not all of the work or much of the work needs printing. As a school we try not to use worksheets but fully understand that it is more of a necessity for many parents. People are writing things out, drawing things and making the best of a difficult situation. 

2. WFH ideas

Forest school ideas

- attached is a document for a walk in the woods (not everything has to be printed as you could use the idea or download it to a phone). 

- 'Forest bathing' (can be done anywhere) - some of you may like this - You Tube link =   

- Forestry England have some fantastic resources and a new section about home learning (the link below is for a virtual tour and a link to an app)  -

Being active

It is really, really important for your child's well being, mental health and levels of fitness to be active each day for at least 1 hour and, if possible, to be outside. Walks, runs, parks are still open etc and home based forest school (ideas have been shared). A night walk or a 'different adventure' keeps the mind active. 

If you like Joe Wicks do that but there are a range of other things. You are permitted to exercise outside and near your home. We are fortunate that we live in a rural county and within walking distance of open countryside wherever we live. 

Have a good day.

Best wishes 

Mr Batstone