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Update - Thursday February 11th February

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the cold snap ! Some ideas below and some thoughts ....

1. Letter/card/note of thanks 

Ask your child to write a note of thanks/letter/card to all those people who have kept the country going throughout the pandemic - nurses, doctors, post people, bin people, supermarket workers, drivers etc

A little note can have a massive impact on others and give them a 'boost.' 

2. Values hand challenge 

Can each child draw around their hand, design their own individual design and put on words that relate to their personal values and their hopes and dreams. Then you could put it in your window or on the door. 

3. 'Recovery plans' (actually it isn't a 'recovery' it is a re-alignment). 

In school we always 'deal with today' but plan for tomorrow (well actually we are always planning well ahead and thinking of the next thing) and it was 'heartening' to read that music, art, play, sport and socialisation are all part of the government's agenda as we have already planned for some of that in our own approach to the children returning to school.

A child's brain needs to be stimulating in lots of ways to be successful and 'cramming' academic knowledge does not work in isolation. 

'100 languages of children' - attached is a poem that we use extensively in school as a basis for our educational culture. 


I have shared this link before as a way to bring drama into the home. We have also been contacted by the Drama Geezers about a potential visit to school when the children are back and it is safe to do so. We also work with The Courtyard Theatre (and have done for the past 12 years).

Outdoor education - we work with Longtown Outdoor Centre and have already planned some potential activities for the Summer term. Hopefully it will be able to happen. 

Sport - sport is a bedrock of Madley, both in school but also within competitions (and we are very competative !!) so we are exploring even more opportunities. We already have close links with Madley Tennis Club, Herefordshire FA, Herefordshire Cricket, Hereford RFU Club, Luctonians RFU Club

Music - we work with Encore Music and, before lockdown, three classes were enjoying musical tuition with different instruments. Mrs Blaker was also teaching Year 2 the Ukulele. We will restart all of this and, hopefully add to it as well. 

Dance - Jack Ludwig already does Irish dancing with Reception and we have worked with 2FacedDance locally as well as some national companies. Hopefully we can plan more for the summer term and beyond. 

Musical Theatre - Jack Ludwig is our 'in-house' West End Director and musical theatre lead who worked with Year 5 last term, we will get this going again as soon as possible. Jack is also an accomplished Irish Dancer and Class R love their Irish dancing and are very good. 

All the above are not new ideas as they are established parts of our culture but we will have academic pressures as well. All of the above also contribute to well rounded children and the agenda of 'mental health.'

Academically we need to re-align children as the work we have set for home learning and extensive worksheets are to make it easier for parents, it is not our normal style of teaching and learning. 

More news to follow in the next few weeks.........

4. Forest school idea

'Tree face' (attached picture) - how many faces can you spot on a tree trunk as you walk ? Can you create a character for that particular tree or develop a story based around it ? 

Have a good Thursday.

kind regards

Mr Batstone