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Update - Tuesday February 2nd

Good morning everyone,

Hopefully you didn't have the Monday morning 'battle' yesterday but if you did then it is completely normal ! The weather yesterday was a bit 'grey' and that impacts on people's mood, that is also completely normal and people were feeling it everywhere.  Hopefully we will see some blue sky soon..........

1. Chromebooks tip - 

 - To take a screenshot of the entire screen, use the Ctrl + Show windows key combination. The Show windows key, which looks like a rectangle with two lines on the right side, is on the top row of the keyboard (it's the equivalent of the F5 key on a PC keyboard).

2. Mental health/behaviour tips

Attached are some resources you or may not want to use or to give you some ideas. 

Change routine to energise your brain - this doesn't work for everyone but, after listening to a doctor on the radio yesterday, it is worth sharing some simple tips -

- Change your breakfast cereal or what you have for breakfast each day. It can help to stimulate your brain. 

- If you go for a walk then change the route or go the opposite way. Notice new things or spend time looking up at the sky. 

- Do not look at a screen for an hour before bed (or if you do check the blue light setting). 

- Exercise daily. Let everything out through exercise - dance, run, jump, hop, skip........

- Reflect on the good in each day by making a short list together. In school we use 'what went well (3 or 5 things) and 'even better if.....(1 thing) so the positive always outweighs the negative. 

'Whatever you do is good for you and look after yourself.' 


Have a wonderful day............ 


Mr Batstone