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Update - Wednesday 10th February

Welcome to Wednesday ! I hope that you have been coping well with the weather (every day is an adventure) as well as home learning and everything else. Next week is half term so no work will be set and everyone can step back from a screen, hopefully the weather will be kind. 

On Monday February 22nd we will discover the 'roadmap' for what happens next and we can start to plan how it will work and the logistics of the plan. 

Wednesday is normally our forest school day at school so we plan for you to spend some time outdoors as well (if work allows). 

1. Biscuit challenge

Attached is a biscuit chart. Ask the children to assess their work using the biscuit chart as a chart of success e.g My work would be the Jammy Dodger as it is layered with an extra boost of sweet jam in the middle. Obviously you will have to adapt this for the age of the child but I have done this with all ages in school and it works. 

Discussion stimulus - If you could only choose three biscuits to keep in production (all the others would have to disappear) which three would it be ? 

2. Keep active in half term

100 challenge - what can you do actively 100 times each day ? Keep a record and record it for sharing if you wish. 

3. Forest school ideas

Stick people - Attached are some photographs to inspire a simple idea. Your child could simply use their stick person to play or you can develop it to create a book, film or play. 

Ice patterns - while the weather is so cold and, if the opportunity arises, then it is the perfect time to explore ice and how it forms. 

Twig ID - the attached sheet is to use on a walk to look closely at twigs ! 

There have been lots of forest school ideas shared since the start of lockdown for you to 'dip' into, we have enjoyed seeing the photographs of some of your walks and work. 

Enjoy today.

Kind regards

Mr Batstone