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Update - Wednesday 10th March

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have settled back in well and all is running smoothly within school, it has been a very positive return. They are also very open about people they have been mixing with and where they have been ! Most families have been following the rules to the letter and some have not, we are then the ones exposed to that risk ! No school staff complain or make a fuss  but they are worried and everyone has chosen to wear masks within school (but not when teaching). We are also trying to be outside as much as possible. 

1. Smooth entry and exit to school - thank you to everyone for the awareness, speed and understanding shown when dropping off and, especially when picking up. Tuesday after school was excellent with people waiting until the correct time. Pease could we ask that you do not queue as the gates won't open any earlier and there is more than enough time. If we get this right then parents leaving will create space for others to park and then it will all go even more smoothly. 

2. Parking on pavements and close shaves !

Do we have to wait for a serious injury or worse before everyone takes notice and is more aware ? It is getting close as a young child was almost hit by another parent's car as they pulled away earlier this week. Every school has issues with parking and every school has a proportion of parents/carers who 'do their own thing.' Please, please can we ask everyone to be 'aware and care' before we have an accident. Our advice is to report any dangerous parking or driving to the Police. 

Local residents should not have to be blocked in or have people parked selfishly across their drives. As we have said before there is plenty of safe parking a very short walk from school in the village. 

3. Testing - this is completely voluntary and tests can be ordered via the link sent last week. School staff do it twice a week to protect you, their families and the wider community. It is not a very pleasant experience and there is a lot in the system about accuracy of the Lateral Flow Tests but it gives an indicator. 

As before if your child has any symptoms of Covid then you should book a 'proper' test, stay away from school and inform us of the results. 

Please keep up the good work with the entry and exit to school and be prepared for very tired children at the end of the week.

Kind regards

Mr Batstone