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Update - Wednesday 24th February

Dear Mrs Giles, Madley Primary School has sent you a message

Update - Wednesday 24th February

Welcome to Wednesday. I take it all back, we have the guidance for school opening to more pupils from March 8th. Essentially we will revert to pre Christmas routines with a few 'tweaks' and expectations. We will be very cautious with our approach and review it at the end of this term. 

Updates for the next two weeks will contain information about now and 'drip feed' information for our wider return to school. 

Your own personal view may be cautious, 'get on with it', fear, excitement etc but we have a duty of care to everyone and act in a manner to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

1.'Climb every Mountain' 

A really positive approach from parents/carers and children to the various challenges and the work involved in the 'Climb Every Mountain' challenge and it has been lovely to see all of the work and photographs. 

For the next two weeks it is really important that you ensure your children returns to school with the correct work ethic, habits and mindset. We know this is difficult but it is really important. 

2. March 8th return for more children (as we have not been closed)

Expectations of all parents/carers

  • We will expect all adults to wear a mask in and around school (unless you have a medical reason not to wear one).
  • 'Flow and go' is still an expectation and we do not expect to see any parents hanging around for a chat (that time will come soon enough).
  • The start time for school will be the same for everyone (gates will open at 8:50am and close at 9am sharp, we will only allow late entry if there has been an emergency) but we will stagger the end of school from 3:15 pm (see below). This will be reviewed at the end of this term and we hope to be able to change back to our normal times (which are much longer than the majority of schools). 
  • Exit times 

R - 3:15pm

1 = 3:25pm

2 = 3:20 pm

3 = 3:30 pm

4 = 3:30 pm

5 = 3:20 pm

6 = 3:30 pm    

  • Children can only be collected from their designated exit. Year 5 and 6 children may walk home on their own if you let us know. We want minimal/no queues, better 'flow' and better parking. 
  • We will return to different entrances/exits for different year groups (these will be the same as before Christmas and I will include a reminder next week). 
  • There won't be any MASC (Madley After School Club) until after the Easter holidays when we hope that we will return to even more 'normality.'  This is because it mixes too many children from different classes and it is not possible to staff 7 rooms. 
  • We will not be running a Easter holiday club but we will plan to run a summer holiday club (details will follow later next term).
  • Social distancing in and around school is still a strict 2 metres. 

School attendance

From Monday March 8th the Government has stated that school attendance is mandatory and schools can fine parents for non-attendance. You may agree or dis-agree with that policy but those are the 'rules' that we are set that we have to work to. 

For Madley - individual circumstances need to be taken into account and we would rather work with people. Please e-mail if you have any questions or a particular situation.

We will not operate 'flexi-schooling' where parents ask for certain days for their children. 

Learning for the rest of this term

Teachers and school staff will be planning a range of learning for the rest of the spring term with a mix of outdoor learning as well as class based learning. All Seesaw direct interactions will end at 12 noon on Friday March 5th so teachers can prepare for the following week.

More news to follow every day ......


Mr Batstone