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Update -Wednesday January 27th


Welcome to Wednesday and another change in the weather ! It is amazing how the weather has an effect on our mood and we all feel a bit better when the sun is shining or the buzz of snow on the ground !

Music can have a positive impact on our thinking so start the day with a burst of uplifting music/songs and have a 'blow out !' 

I sincerely hope that you are all safe and well and that your wider circle of family and friends are ok. We must look after each other, be kind, value what we have and be thoughtful and we will get through this. 

1. Seesaw updates

- Please could we make sure that all parents/children access the announcement from the teacher each day (can you make it the first thing that you do please). We can monitor who does (Year 6 have been the best so far but that could be because they are a bit older and a bit more independent ?). 

- The more devices that the school has given out the more we expect children to be sending the correct work back and following the pathways set by the teachers, it has been lovely to see the value those devices bring and it makes life easier instead of sharing devices across the whole family or using old laptops etc.

A good routine is crucial (but don't compare with anyone else) and a balance to school work, exercise and being outdoors (you need a bit of everything). Everyone (children and adults) just need to do their best. 

2. Forest school - not just in the woods but it could be ..... forest school can taker place anywhere outside. All of these activities also impact positively on well being, awareness and a 'connection' with the outdoors. 

Simple activities - lie on your back on the ground (even in the rain) and watch the sky. If you are in woods it is good to watch the tops of the trees.

Stick tower - build the tallest, stable tower. Leave it for a week and see if it survives. 

Animal tracking - how many tracks can you find. Can you safely follow them ? 

Stick drumming - two sticks and a tree or log, create a beat or simply get rid of some frustrations !! 

Artwork - using leaves, natural materials and anything you can find to create patterns on the ground, against trees or on top of logs. 

Mud creatures - this might be a bit messy ! Create a hedgehog by rolling a big ball of mud then using small sticks to create the spines. You could make a range of creatures. 

If time, the weather and work allows why not break up the week by spending Wednesday afternoon on a long walk, in the woods or outdoors. A flask of hot chocolate and time outside can help the pressure on people. 

Enjoy Wednesday ! 


Mr Batstone