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Update - Wednesday March 17th

Welcome to Wednesday !

All is working smoothly and safely in and around school. Could we ask that Year 5 and 6 children DO NOT congregate at the gate before 8:50am, WHEN THE GATES OPEN  (there has been a significant increase in the last week and it is not safe although they are very sensible and stay in their year groups). 

All other entrances/exits and behaviours are excellent, thank you. 

1. Chrome book return (next week) days - 

R/1 = Monday 22nd March 

2/3 = Tuesday 23rd March 

3/4 = Wednesday 24th March 

5/6 = Thursday 25th March 

Please make sure they are re-set using 'Power wash' in settings.

2. 'Catch up is an adult perception ! We want a 'balance' of learning that is academic, social as well as drama, music, art and any other opportunity we can offer. The saying 'filling buckets or lighting fires.....' springs to mind ! 

3. 'Freedom with responsibility'

- Walking out of school (at the end of the day !) - lots of Year 5 and 6 children are walking out and meeting parents or walking home, this is fine but please make sure they are safe and not walking in a large group. Once they leave the school grounds they are the responsibility of parents/carers but it is a good thing for them to have a bit more responsibility and makes life a little less congested around school. 

- Forest schoo

At forest school we encourage the children to take calculated risks within their capabilities ('Freedom with responsibility'). They need to be climbing (safely) and using tools (appropriate to their age) and it may result in falling off/over and cuts, bruises and splinters. They may also get muddy (that's why we ask for old clothes) as we don't always put waterproofs on if the weather is fine. 

We often post photographs on Twitter (@MadleyPrimarySc) of our forest school adventures. We don't just walk in the woods there is a wealth of science, geography, art, history, maths etc that we learn at our sessions. As a school we never do anything 'twee' or for effect, it must always have meaning and be connected. 

We are very lucky to have such an amazing, private site and the 'freedom' to use a very large woodland for our adventures. One day we will host some family sessions at the site ..........

4. Rugby update

Attached is a poster from Hereford RFC regarding a new section for secondary age girls (older siblings).

There is also a news article regarding one of our ex pupils who has made it through to the final trials for England Under 18s (a year ahead of his time). Good luck Joe ! We have had England internationals in the past and we also have ex pupils on the books of Worcester Warriors, both boys and girls. All of them had a great approach to all sports and displayed values on and off the field in abundance. 

5. Current Covid rules (until March 29th when restrictions are reviewed and then April 12th)

One person can meet one other outside.

Children are back at school (but this does not mean children from different households should be going for 'sleepovers' or play days yet). 

You may have seen in the Hereford Times that two schools in Herefordshire have closed on mass due to cases, please do not assume it won't happen here, it could. We are not being over cautious but we do need people to be sensible, safe and abide by the rules around school but also at home.

Have a good day


Mr Batstone